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The Amazing Pink Engagement Rings

06 Dec 2016

Pink diamond rings are unique engagement rings that you can have for your fiance.  Many people like to have something special and different from others. They like to have something that no one has but them. Pink engagement rings can be the way to amaze your fiance. Almost all the girls around the world have a dream having pink rings as their engagement rings that is why this rings are growing more and more in popularity each day. Pink color is always related with something sweet and romantic. And every girl wants to experience that feeling when you propose her.  This diamond is chosen because it can represent the classic and modern aura as well for your engagement rings.

Pink  engagement rings with diamonds have been known and popular since 1940s.

In that era men would give engagement rings to amaze the women they like. And pink diamond is one of the best ways to make it come true. The supple of pink diamond comes from Argyle mine in Australia. Pink diamond is one of the rarer diamonds because it only find and produce in certain places. Because of the rarity of this diamond, no wonder a small cut of it can cost very high than other colorless engagement rings with bigger carats. There are many types of pink diamonds in different hues, such as light pink, salmon and rose. It will become more expensive when it has darker hue.

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings - Pink Engagement RingsThere are some essential matters before buying engagement rings with pink diamonds. If you decide to give pink diamond engagement rings to the women you love, there some essential matters that you should consider before to go to the jewelry shops. These are the things that you should consider. First is color. You can choose what kind color of pink diamond. It is said before that the darker hue of a pink diamond will has more expensive price, so you should think about it wisely.

The second is carat. Although when you choose the color diamonds for the engagement rings, carat is still something that you should consider. Carat should be consider wisely especially when you want to have diamond pink engagement rings because the larger size you like, the expensive price you should pay.

The third is the diamond cut. There are many diamond cuts that you can choose for your engagement rings. The perfect cut will impact the diamond sparkle and brilliance whether for white or colored diamonds. The perfect cuts for pink diamonds include round, princess and marquise cuts. Those diamond cuts will show off the exquisite shades of pink color. The next thing that you should consider is clarity.  Clarity means that you find no cracks, spots or cloudiness in the diamonds whether it is a white or diamond with pink engagement rings .

Another thing that is also important to consider is the materials that are used to make the ring settings. There are many materials that you can choose, such as white and yellow gold, platinum and titanium. If you like to have gold as your ring settings, then pink engagement rings can be your best choice. Platinum and titanium can be your ring setting for your pink diamond rings as both materials will create classic rings but also look sophisticated at the same time.

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